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Real Work Lectures are certainly no stranger to students’ ears. Generally, real work lectures are one of the student requirements for graduation. But the essence of the real work lecture is not only as a graduation requirement, because in general the Tri Dharma of Higher Education is one of the goals that must be achieved and carried out by every tertiary institution in Indonesia.

The content of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education consists of the three points of Education and Teaching, Research and Development, and Community Service. Now this third point is related to the Real Work Lecture activities.

Students are the great hope of this nation and are expected to be able to grow, develop, and become the hope of the nation’s future. Those points were eventually developed into a program called Real Work Lectures.

There are many benefits that students will get in real work activities including; Forming attitudes and feelings of love, social care, and student responsibility for the progress of society. Providing skills to students to carry out development and development programs. Provide experience and skills to students as development cadres.


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